The Future of Payment

Bytus is Revolutionizing the World of Crypto

Buying and selling with crypto has never been easier. Speed, usability, and security - Bytus brings to the table all elements that have removed all barries from switching to crypto as a mode of payment.

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What is Bytus?

Global Digital Payment has created the Bytus ecosystem which consists of a crypto bank, the Bytus wallet, Bytus token, and the Bytus private blockchain. The ecosystem allows users to access a wide variety of retail stores and make purchases by paying through the Bytus token. Moreover, the Bytus Crypto Bank will allow the easy and fast conversion of crypto into fiat money without any transaction fees.

Low Commissions

Currently, transactions using cryptocurrencies have high and commissions. Bytus will facilitate payments through the Bytus Mobile Service that has Minimal Commissions.


The Safety and Security of users funds are guaranteed by the latest technologies of Bytus Crypto Bank.Similarly, the Bytus mobile Wallet generates Private Keys for the Security of Funds.


The Bytus Payment System has implemented Blockchain System that is easy to use. Therefore, this reduces the time that the user will take to understand each Process.

Instant Conversion

Through the Cryptocurrency Wallet and the Bytus Crypto Bank, users can easily convert Cryptocurrency to Fiat or Vice Versa when paying for Goods and Services.

Bytus Token

The Bytus utility token is backed by Ethereum and is the medium of exchange in the Bytus ecosystem. The token will represent the user’s channel width i.e. the higher the number of tokens a user has the more transactions they will be able to make in a specified time. For instance, a user who has 10 tokens will be able to make up to 10 transactions in 24 hours.

Mining by wallet

Utilize a large number of tokens at the junction of different types of currencies

Sending and receiving funds

Payment for goods and services contactless and via QR-code

Bytus Private Blockchain

The Bytus Private Blockchain network will ensure all information is out there in the open to every user to ensure transparency and security of the highest order. Any transaction made by a user and their initiation to exchanging tokens are public information which allows for free transactions in the internal operations.

The Bytus Private Blockchain is based on the Graphene chain protocol. Graphene is an  open-source  code  that can significantly reduce bandwidth in the block propagation process.  The graphene source code is available in numerous variations, as has been  forked  and adapted many times.  Graphene is interesting, since it is modular in nature, so it is adaptable to different uses.  Graphene technology has the capabilities for massive  scalability, potentially supporting hundreds and thousands of transactions per second.

The private blockchain has attracted more than 1,000,000 retailers from around the globe which has opened up the possibilities for a Bytus-based economy. The retailers on the Bytus network accept payments through the Bytus wallet which makes it easier and safer for both parties involved in the exchange.

Bytus Wallet

Bytus wallet is an all-in-one online multi cryptocurrency wallet that supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and others.

Buy & Sell

With Bytus’ network of retailers you can use the wallet to make purchases through cryptocurrency. All you have to do is scan a QR code and complete your transaction without any hassle. The wallet allows for changing your cryptocurrency into fiat or Bytus token without any transaction fees involved.

Anonymous & Secure

The modern financial world is dependent on privacy, anonymity, and high-level financial security. We have taken the best possible lines of action to ensure the safety and security of your funds. The Bytus wallet runs on Ethereum Blockchain and your most important data is hashed by SHA-3 cryptographic algorithm.

Bytus Crypto Bank

The Bytus Crypto Bank is a Virtual institution that will perform the banking function in the Bytus Ecosystem. It is based on a Mobile App that is equipped with all the features to provide users the ease that modern banking provides.

Mobile App

Crypto Bank interacts with Bytus mobile wallet when issuing an overdraft to the user's wallet.

Insurance Protection

Crypto Bank ensures high security for transactions and safety of funds.

Secure Storage

Crypto Bank is secured as it has the blockchain technology that ensures no transaction record gets lost.

Exchange Service

Crypto Bank acts as an exchange for users where they can convert their cryptocurrency into fiat instantly without incurring any commissions or other costs

Credit Card Use

Crypto Bank ensures high security for transactions and safety of funds.

Multicurrency Wallet

The Users are entitled to an overdraft facility that the bank issues by interacting with Bytus Mobile Wallet.


August 20, 2018

Bytus Publishes first WhitePaper (first concrete information regarding the architecture and other product details)

December 1, 2018

The blueprint of the Bytus Private Blockchain is ready and the Development of the Network is well underway.

June 18, 2018

Global Digital Payment announces its Bytus Project Team which will be lead by Altug Tatlisu

November 15, 2018

Preparations for Bytus Token ICO near Completion (Very near to an ICO that is going to bring peace to the financial turmoil in the world)

Rounds of ITO

Private ITO

From 11/15/2018 to 11/30/2018 amount per round 10% - 5M tokens Price - 48% discount minimum quantity for purchase- 1,5% from round total


From 5/5/2019 to 6/5/2019 amount per round 20% 10M tokens Price-37% discount

ITO Sale

From 9/1/2019 to 9/30/2019 amount per round 70% 35M Price-12% discount

Post ITO

From 10/1/2019 selling via crypto Bank price: $0,67

Token Distribution

  • Advisor (6-months uniform vesting) 3.5%
  • Bounty (including testing and bug bounty) 1.7%
  • Legal Compliance 1%
  • For Sale For Rounds 75%
  • Project Team 10%
  • Ecosystem Creation (18-months vesting schedule) 5%
  • Crypto Bank, Validator, Registrar 4.5%

Distribution of Funds

  • Bounty 3%
  • Legal & Financial 14%
  • Marketing & Branding 48%
  • Ecosystem Development 35%

Team Members

Altug Tatlisu

Blockchain Developer

Serdar Nurdogan

Financial Operations

Igor Masly

Full Stack Developer

Catherine Mishi

Web Developer

Vipin Kumar

Business Analyst

Ajay Hada

Crypto Developer

Imran Qureshi

Digital Marketing

Arick Dutta

Media Consultant

Abhishek Banerjee

Marketing Director

Ayon Bhattacharjee

Sales Director

Surojit Chatterjee

Public Releases

Nicolas Nups

Project Manager


Lalit Bansal

Bharat Gandass

Hamza khan

Sachin Bhargava

Media Partners