Allocation & Distribution

ITO calendar

Rounds of ITO

Each round will have its own bonus system:

>> Private ITO - up to 20% of the purchased number of tokens
>> Pre-ITO - up to 15% of the purchased number of tokens
>> ITO Sale - up to 10% of the purchased number of tokens


Bytus Retail Network

For partners and retailers who will join Bytus Private Blockchain network will be available backoffice mobile application for the convenience of accepting payments which will make payment processing even more convenient, safer and instantly

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Mobile Wallet

Bytus Mobile Multi Crypto Wallet

  • >> With the utilization of mobile multi-wallet applications, the user will pay for goods and services with an instant conversion into a fiat currency, transfer crypto currencies inside the wallet without commission.

  • >> Use contactless payment from network retailers,and not to consider in advance about the exchange of cryptocurrency in dollars.

Bytus Crypto Bank


Mobile App

The cryptobank interacts with the Bytus mobile wallet when issuing an overdraft to the user's wallet.


Insurance Protection

Cryptobank ensures high security for transactions and safety of funds.


Secure Storage

The cryptobank ensures the safe storage of user funds, taking into account new meanings and technologies.


Exchange Service

The cryptobank will directly interact with an instant exchange of cryptocurrency in Fiat


Credit Card Use

A virtual card is formed in the mobile wallet for contactless payment, the account of which is linked to the crypto bank, and also via the crypto bank instant conversion of the cryptocurrency into fiat takes a place when paying it


Multicurrency Wallet

The cryptobank interacts with the Bytus mobile wallet when issuing an overdraft to the user's wallet.

What says about Us

Press About Us

“This is what Global Digital Payment through the Bytus project seeks to achieve by creating a private network ecosystem where users and crypto owners can exchange their tokens for Bytus tokens. The tokens are then stored in the Bytus wallet ready for transactions.“

“ByTus, a new platform based in New York, has been designed to solve the problems mentioned. ByTus is aimed at enabling users to independently control the security of their funds, simplifying the process of conversion to accelerate buying goods and services, and helping current retail chains easily payment of crypto-currencies who can attract new customers want to pay and receive new markets. “

“The Bytus wallet is a mobile application that users install to access a convenient and safe contactless payment ecosystem. The flexibility of the digital wallet makes it easy for Bytus users to transact through payment terminals and via the internet by simply using a QR code.“

“The reason behind Bytus’ success has been its innovation in the blockchain technology. Altug Tatlisu, who is the brains behind Bytus’ blockchain as well as the founder of Global Digital Payment and Bytus, has used his years of experience as a blockchain developer and expert to give potential investors to put their trust in Bytus tokens. “

“Bytus is the creation of a strong team led by its founder, Altug Tatlisu who is an experienced software developer with over 23 years of experience. Together with experienced staff, Tatlisu is propelling his idea of developing a platform that can solve various issues plaguing the digital payments and cryptocurrency industries. “

Our brain

Awesome Team

Altug Tatlisu
Founder & CEO
Serdar Nurdogan
Vipin Kumar
Business Analyst
Web Developer
Imran Qureshi
Digital Marketing
SEO Specialist
Ayon Bhattacharjee
Sales Director
Marketing Consultant
Ajay Hada
Crypto Developer
Smart Contracts
Arick Dutta
Media Consultant
Public Releases
Abhishek Banerjee
Global Sales
Marketing Director
Surojit Chatterjee
Online Journalist
Public Releases


Who can take part in private ITO and under what conditions?

Any user or company that has passed KYC verification and the conditions laid down by the creators for the ITO private round, which can be found in the investor’s dashboard or contact to the project administration

What is the number of tokens allocated to Private ITO?

5 million tokens were allocated for private ITO (10% of the total number of tokens allocated for sale, 50 million tokens. The total number of 66 million tokens)

When will I receive my Bytus tokens to my address?

Bytus tokens will be send to your ETH address which you have specified in the KYC verification and the project administration will notify you with details.

Can I get bonuses and under what conditions?

Yes, you can receive bonuses at any ITO stage and the number of bonuses in the form of Bytus tokens will depend on the number of Bytus tokens purchased.

I made a mistake and transferred money to another address. How can I get it back?

You cannot retrieve the money back. When making a transfer, you should carefully check the correctness of the address which the transfer is made. You are fully responsible for the correctness of the data entered.

Why should I take KYC?

According to US laws, in order to avoid money laundering and counteracting fraud, we must accept payment only from verified users who have been personally identified.